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Susan Wenner


As a lifelong horse lover, Susan was at the track before she could walk. She inherited her passion for horses, as well as the thoroughbreds she has owned, bred and raced from her Dad. When her Dad had horses at the track, they would visit the barn several times a week. Of course, the horses on their side of the shed row were recipients of Susan’s endless supply of carrots and affection!

One day she noticed that a particularly handsome grey horse was not in his stall. One of the barn staff smirked and told her the horse had been donated to a “riding school for children”. Being so young and naive, she believed him. It still hurts her heart when she thinks of that horse.

Susan knows that being present when her mares foal, deepens her bond with her horses and her commitment to them. With all that we ask of thoroughbreds on the track, the least we owe them in return is a safe haven once they are off the track.

So it goes without saying Susan is delighted to be a part of the Blue Bloods Thoroughbred Adoption and Placement program which will facilitate many “happy endings” for some of these majestic creatures.

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