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Tantaliza came from a GREAT racing home and it shows! She is progressing beautifully now that she is on a consistent schedule with the Averett class. On the ground, she responds well to voice commands and is well behaved for grooming, pulling mane, and bathing. Undersaddle, she is a forward ride. Her Averett student has been focusing on rhythm, relaxation, and trust in her rider with all the new concepts she has been learning this semester! Liza has been going walk, trot, canter, and small fences with focus on bending and correct leads. She is a quick study though who loves having a job and has tremendous potential in her next home! Liza is still quite green and we would recommend her to go to a home that will keep her on a consistent training schedule.


Notable Lineage: Seeking The Gold, Sword Dance, Ninjinsky II, Alydar, Secretariat, Mr. Prospector, Summer Squall

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